"The Wild Weekenders" Channel 4 Good Friday

Tracey Elliot-Reep

“The Wild Weekenders!” On channel 4 this Friday 14th April at 8pm

A section from the Telegraph newspaper review;

“The opener focuses on Devon, (England) where our hosts try out a range of experiences before picking their own personal favourite, … ranging from wild camping to mounting a horse to try pony herding…. It’s a charming low key affair, mixing practical consumer advice with gentle knockabout fun.”

You have guessed it! I am involved in teaching one of the presenters Clem Green to ride, and given the responsibility to make sure she didn’t fall off! I put her on Yoanna, who I had travelled with from Greece, because she is quieter and slower. I rode Callum, who I had previously ridden from Scotland to Land’s End and also around Southern Ireland.

We were told to go pony herding and at this point all I can remember was shouting to Clem to keep her reins short, whist I did the herding on Callum, loaded up with a tonne of picnic goodies stuffed into his saddle bags! The film crew attached the Go Pro camera to me, but herding ponies loaded with picnic gear, including a stove didn’t make it easy to be nimble and go fast!

It was filmed in late November and after two very cold days I’m not sure how big a part Callum, Yoanna and I play, but it could give you a chuckle, especially when Callum and Yoanna ate the French bread stick at the picnic!

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