Tracey's Film Clips

My Dartmoor Pony Stallions
Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust at Bellver
Tracey's ride around Israel
including the reenactment of the Charge of Beesheba
Sun and snow on Dartmoor!
Dartmoor Snow Ponies!
My six month journey with my Quarter horses Smokey and Pistol
from Mexico to Canada across America



My Journey across Southern Europe with my two little Greek horses


Puppy Dog Stories - children's books



Terrier Puppies at Christmas - children's book


Collie Puppies on the Farm - children's book


Retriever Puppy at the Seaside


 2024 Dartmoor Calendar



Tracey's ride with her Highland ponies around Southern Ireland


 Breakfast line Up on Dartmoor!


Widecombe Fair next Tuesday!


Winning Supreme Championship!




Off to the Show!



My Black Stallion and Wild Flowers



 May Blossom on Dartmoor

Tracey photographing on Dartmoor - Bluebells and Cuckoo

Tracey gives her Dartmmor pony a cuddle!

Tracey climbs to the top of Dartmoor

to photograph High Wilhayes and Yes Tor

Glen Tilt, Grampian Mountains, Scotland




Midges in the Grampians, Scotland!


High Street and Hartsop - Lake District


Ashlack Hall, Cumbria



Hardknott Pass part 9



Elan Valley, Wales Part 8



Farrier Part 7


Wales Part 6


Wales Part 5


Exmoor Part 4


Exmoor Part 3



Dartmoor Part 2


Leaving Widecombe-in-the-Moor


GB Ride - Native Ponies of Britain



Dartmoor Pony Foal Jubilee 



Piglets at the Rugglestone Inn



Dartmoor Pony Rainbow Team Vision and Dream



Dartmoor Ride - Part 5



Dartmoor Ride - Day 4



Born to gallop on Dartmoor



Tracey Clearing up her land on Dartmoor



Dartmoor Pony documentary



Farmer Frank and his flock on Dartmoor