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Tracey’s “Israel” is a book you will not want to put down!

This book is unusual in that Tracey brings to life an epic and historic WW1 charge by mounted Australian soldiers on a superior force as she films and documents its re-enactment by Australian horsemen 100 years on.

The brilliant photography and narrative make one very aware of the bravery and daring of men and horses in the original act of warfare.

The second part of the book recounts Tracey’s adventures as she treks almost the length of Israel taking in the Golan heights, in the north, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, legendary Masada to the barren Negev desert in the south, eventually entering Jerusalem on horseback, with packhorse in tow.

Again, the superb photography is blended with notes on historical places as well as the detailed day to day account of her journeying, which most of us would find just too daunting, not to mention dangerous.

I was impressed with her accounts of the helpfulness of the Jewish settlers, a tough group of people who have put down roots in one of the most dangerous areas of the world because they believe it is the land God gave to their ancestors and they are not ready to be displaced or threatened with extinction ever again. I believe their willingness to help Tracey so generously was because they saw in her a kindred spirit – an unassuming woman, but with a toughness and resourcefulness they related to and admired. You will love the unusual insight into their daily lives which Tracey gives.

The well-documented and photographed links with Biblical history are blended with Tracey’s own Christian faith, the thread of which is entwined in all her equine adventures.

Horse-lovers will enjoy the careful inclusion of the horses, their characters and strengths, as she gradually gives her two relatively untrained steeds the confidence to cope with the arduous journey, where the quest for thirst-quenching water and food is a daily anxiety.

I think this latest book will appeal to anyone with an interest in WW1 history, in unique travel adventure and in the intriguing and continually developing bond between a woman and her two equine friends as they trek over mountains and desert terrain in Israel, finally entering Jerusalem as a fitting climax to an incredible journey.

Rainbow & her Farmyard Friends – Children’s Books - Link to the book collection

Hi Tracey,  I would like to leave a testimonial for your wonderful children’s books. My grandchildren adore reading them with me and quickly worked out the relationship between Rainbow and Thunder. Wonderful photographs of course, a total joy for children and adults alike. I cannot recommend them too highly for young children who are eager to learn more about country life in a delightful way.  With best wishes,
Nicola Tyler, Yorkshire

Hello dear Tracey. Just ordered 3 sets for Christmas presents!!! Your wonderful books arrived today and what a joy they are!! Mum and I have read them all and loved all the beautiful photos…..they can be enjoyed equally by children and “large children”!!
Lynda Calcutt, Essex

Hi Tracey,  Thank you so much – received the calendars and books this morning – the calendars are so nice, they have become a ‘must have’ for rellies around the world and the Rainbow books are beautiful, thank you for signing them for my grand-daughter – I know she will love them and I’m sure she’ll treasure them. I had a delve into your Rainbow books last night and enjoyed them so much, lovely stories, not too long for tinies, beautiful photos
Viv P, Devon

Picture above Olivia - Can't decide which one of these lovely books is her favourite and likes to get them all out at once.

Jack – I really enjoyed reading the books – the stories were fun and I loved the pictures. I went on holiday to Devon with Mummy & Grandad and we saw a lot of the animals there that are in the stories.
Mummy – The books are fabulous for children. They are very easy for children to read and the pictures keep them interested in the story. They remind me of story books that I used to read as a child, in that there are real photos of the animals and people and the font is a perfect size for young children. I loved reading the books with Jack.
Grandad – The reader is carried along with the adventure!
Jack, Mummy & Grandad – Dorset

I just thought I would send you a quick message. My 15 month old was given for Christmas by his grandparents, the box set of your lovely animal books. I just wanted to say that they are just perfect. I got quite choked up reading them. Each one is just brilliant and I can’t wait until Alfie is old enough to read them him self. Love them!!!


Picture above - My daughter Olivia is 2 years old and absolutely loves this Rainbow book set. I love the fact that it comes with 7 books and is great for bedtime reading as we get to chose a different one every night of the week. Although Olivia can't read yet these are just perfect for her with the colourful photo's and different animals and keep her very interested and entertained.
Charlene, Devon

The Rainbow book set will be a perfect Easter present for our triplet grandchildren, and the cards a lovely change for Easter greetings too!
A & J , Devon

A day on Dartmoor with Rainbow the Pony - Link to the book


Picture above Harland - enjoying the beautiful animal pictures from A day on Dartmoor with Rainbow the Pony


Dartmoor Calendar Testimonials - Link to the 2018 Calendar

This year she sent us one of your Dartmoor calendars. We hang if with pride and come the end of the year it will not be discarded.
Harvey Tremeer, Rednersville in Prince Edward Country, Ontario, Canada.

I love the way you see the moor and share your appreciation of its spirit through photography. Looking up from the desk in my home office I see the Herdwick sheep on Higher Tor. :)) They arrived on Friday. Beautiful as always. I enjoy seeing a tractor in there somewhere ;)) Thank you so much.
David M, California

Hi Tracey, I am glad I was able to get my order in. We love your Dartmoor calendars. Right now we are enjoying the ”hardy sheep” on the November page. Thanks again and we look forward to the 2016 calendar.
Steve, Nevada

Thankyou so much for the very quick delivery of the calendar and cards which have just arrived safely. They are, as expected, beautiful.

I really wanted to say thankyou for all your calendars and such wonderful photographs that bring Dartmoor alive, as I remember visiting in the past. Yours sincerely,

Your calendar arrived today – I am delighted. Thank you very much for the beautiful photos.
Rita Azor-Smith, France

Thank you for the Dartmoor calendars which have arrived safely today. Once again, they will provide 12 months of pleasure to friends, and personal memories of our own Dartmoor origins. The photographs are stunning, as always. We just wanted you to know how we “exiles” enjoy your calendar year on year.
David and Hazel HIll

The calendars have arrived. Beautiful and well presented as ever. I really like the quality and the postcards and envelope are added bonuses. You deliver more than is expected at a fair price and that has to be a winner in these tough economic times It is obvious that you love what you do. Well done and thanks.
David Mudge, California

The beautiful pictures will paint a smile on our faces every day next year.
Barbara Dickow, Germany

I am just writing to you as I am an exiled Devonian, and every year one of the great highlights for our family is your wonderful calendar, which brings us such great joy every day of the year, with your beautiful photographs, which reminds us of our beloved Dartmoor. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Dartmoor until January this year, and all your calendars were sold out! We were devastated! We have been monitoring your website but it doesn’t seem there will be any more now this year. I am just writing to you in the forlorn hope there may be one or 2 calendars still around. We fully appreciate it if this is not the case, and will reconcile ourselves with waiting for the 2015 edition. Many thanks anyway, and best wishes. Keep up the wonderful work.
Patrick Coffey

Love your calendar every year. Admired by all who call in. Such beautiful photographs.
Jill, Brixham, Devon

Your Dartmoor calendars are a daily pleasure to look at, reminding me of the happiest years of my life, when I lived with friends in Dartmouth several months a year. Look forward to receiving the next on!
Love from Switzerland, Ruth Strauss

Card Testimonials - Link to the Cards

The cards are just so lovely and today two have already gone off as birthday cards – I and my friends all seem to fit into the category of lovers of dogs, horses, beautiful scenery and PEACE

Riding by Faith Across Southern Europe - Link to Book

Wow! So impressed with the challenge you took on . What an adventure you had. Not for the faint hearted, that is for sure.
Barbara Thompson, NZ

I was given two of your books for Christmas- ‘A celebration of The Dartmoor Pony’ (I thoroughly enjoyed this! and think the selection of photographs are brilliant) and ‘Riding by Faith Across Southern Europe’. I am completely amazed at your journey! Again, I love the photography throughout the book. Also, I like the passages and quotes at the beginning of each section. Thanks you for your amazing and inspiring books and photography. I’m really enjoying the read and I hope that I can take a similar adventure myself one day! Thank you again.
Phoebe Atkinson

I’ve just finished reading the most interesting book, I think I have ever read!
Ray Foster

This was a fabulous book and Tracey has signed it for me and included a lovely hand-written postcard, diary and some bookmarks too! It arrived very promptly and intact! A beautiful book and great investment, which will be read many times.
Maureen Milne, via Amazon

I loved the book so much that I have just ordered your one Riding across America. I do quite a bit of pack horse trekking in Australia, mostly in National and State Parks and in 2001/2002 I did six months on the Biccentennial National Trail that runs from just north of Melbourne , 5000kms to Cooktown in far north Queensland. I found your sayings scattered through the book, either from the bible or inspirational people, wonderful and I am surprised by how many match the ones I already have on wall hangings or have copied into notebooks in the past. Your book with your faith in God was like a bolt out of the blue, showing just how it works, even when things get tough. So, thankyou, and once again for publishing your book.
P. Brookman

Just reading your Across Europe book now (it was supposed to be a present but couldn’t put it down!) a great read, love it Tracey.
Ruth Nuthall

Riding by Faith Across North America - Link to book

The pages of this book feature breathtaking photographs of the Wild West its animals and many friends. Not only is it a delightful read but she cleverly relates to the environment and aspects of American history associated with the states she rides through. I am left with the strong sense that this lady has the courage and perseverance that would be the envy of many soldiers….and that, coming from a former commander in Her Majesty’s Forces, must be saying something.
Brigadier Simon Young CBE

This book gives the readers a riveting record of Tracey’s action-packed journey detailing all her adventures and hardships. Her abilities as a fine photographer are show in the shinning array of images captured on her six-month journey.
Glenn Price, Journalist, Herald Express

This is an epic book filled with adventure, danger and inspiration, with 350 awe-inspiring photographs. It is a travelogue of an incredible journey with her two horses, with some amazing experiences and one defined by the hospitality and kindness of the people she met. The quote from C S Lewis sums up this book: “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.
Lucy Johnson, Journalist

Wonderful personal touches included with the order, thanks.
Miss DJ Goddard, via Amazon

A wonderful and inspiring read, with beautiful images. I also loved the mixture of quotations, scriptural and secular.

Thank you for your superb book Across America!! I absolutely love it- Astonishing photos of the glorious country, people and horses – with texts and sayings that are so true and should not be forgotten ever. I gave the Irish book to my daughter in New Zealand who loves it too. Hope to be given your Europe book for Christmas! All the best for your business and future travels.
Anne, Essex

Riding by Faith through New Zealand - Link to Book

Hi Tracey,  Just a note to say that I really love reading your Riding by Faith through New Zealand.I just love the stories, that you kindly shared in the book. Thanks so much for writing it, it’s a lovely story.
Chloe Rosenburgh, Dunedin, NZ

Riding by Faith through Ireland - Link to Book

I am blown over by this fantastic book of your journey through Ireland with your “boys”. The book is inspirational and should be essential reading for all!
Mrs Susie Robertson, Highland Pony Society

The book was amazing – full of the most glorious photos. I also received a lovely card.
Chris Curtis via Amazon

The book was purchased as a present, arrived very promptly with a nice personal covering note. Very satisfied, many thanks.
JMT Ambrose via Amazon

Very good seller! My wife’s 3rd Anniversary present and she’s going to love it! Thankyou Tracey and God bless…:-)
Levi Bowden via Amazon

Shaggy Sheep Book - Link to Book

It’s a lovely book, so completely user friendly. It invites you to hold it, with it’s soft cover. It’s the right size for child’s hands and adult’s hands. It’s exquisite – I absolutely love it!

I’m going to carry some copies of Tracey’s new ‘Shaggy Sheep’ to the Siberian Arctic Tundra this winter, to a reindeer herders gathering. We took sheepskins last time and they will love to see this photographic record of traditional sheep, which they are so interested in. That’s why I am so excited – having wonderful photos they will appreciate so much!
Caroline Shaw

I was absolutely delighted with the superb photography, the humour and beautiful sketches. It was very interesting to hear about sheep from all over the world and to see all the marvellous things that can be done with wool. Anyone who loves sheep will love this book and it is an ideal size for a Christmas or birthday present.
Shan Palmes (spinner, weaver, knitter, shepherdess and lover of sheep!)


Dartmoor Pony Book - Link to Book

I love it !! Brilliant.

It is quite simply the best and loveliest collection of photographs I have ever seen. I shall enjoy it several times before giving it away, as intended.
One of the most enduring emblems of Dartmoor is the Dartmoor pony. As this delightful book explains, ponies have roamed the Moor for thousands of years. Their ruggedness, reliability, good nature and freedom are captured in these photographs and embody for many much of what is so special about their history and their habitat. Tracey Elliot-Reep records how man has worked with Dartmoor ponies over centuries to meet the needs of the day whether as a beast of burden or, as more often the case today, simply for pleasure and enjoyment and maintaining the environment.
The Duchy of Cornwall is proud to be part of the Dartmoor pony Moorland Scheme and I am delighted that these, and other initiatives, are working to safeguard the future of this most important asset of Dartmoor life and helping to ensure that a healthy herd of Dartmoor ponies will continue to play a part in maintaining the essence of Dartmoor’s landscape.
This book ‘A Celebration of the Dartmoor Pony’ plays a special part in reminding us why the management and preservation of the stock is so important.
Bertie Ross, Secretary and Keeper of the Records, Duchy of Cornwall