Ruach the chestnut foal born to gallop on Dartmoor!

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This short clip is about Ruach the promised foal, who Yoanna my mare gave birth in late May. Several years ago I travelled with Yoanna and Ermis, two ponies I bought near Athens across Greece, northern Italy, over the European Alps through Switzerland and then south through France, over the Pyrenees and across Northern Spain to Santiago and Finistere. I promised them I would take them home to the green grass of England and against the odds, I got them home to Dartmoor, but as I had no grazing I loaned them out. I had no idea Yoanna was in foal and months later she had a surprise foal which sadly died. I promised her when I had land I would let her have another foal. Ruach is her promised foal. Cover photo thanks to Jonathan Constant my editor.

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