B08 - A Day on Dartmoor – Rainbow the Pony - Paperback Book
B08 - A Day on Dartmoor – Rainbow the Pony - Paperback Book

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Tracey Elliot Reep

B08 - A Day on Dartmoor – Rainbow the Pony - Paperback Book

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B08. A Day on Dartmoor – Rainbow the Pony - Paperback


This is Rainbow’s second book following on from the success of Rainbow the Pony.

A colourful and educational story of a Dartmoor pony who travels round Dartmoor meeting the people and wildlife on her journey. A delightful read for both early readers and adults. Tracey is donating 20% of her children's book sales off her website to the NHS from now until September.

Size: 195 x 250 mm with 34 pages

Short selfie video with Tracey and Rainbow the Pony!

Sample Pages:

Rainbow is excited about her first day out on Dartmoor and gets up early when the sun rises over the distant rocky hills which are called tors.  She pricks her ears as she gazes towards Honeybag and Chinkwell Tor.

Their next stop is at a place called Postbridge, Rainbow cools off in the river by making a spash beside the ancient pack horse bridge.

They continue on their journey, and Rainbow notices some strange animals peering at her over a stable door.  They have such very long ears. "Whoever are you?" she asks. "We are Smudge and Smoke", they bray.

They climb onwards, up a steep hill, and on the way meet a herd of ponies. "Hello, I'm called Rainbow and I live on the other side of the valley."

"We live here on the open moor all the year round" they tell her.

It is getting late in the day.  A raven swoops back to it's nest in the rocks, as Tracey photographs Rainbow trotting past Hound Tor.  They hurry over Hameldown towards home.


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