B12 - Pinky the Piglet - Flexi-Cover Book
Tracey Elliot Reep

B12 - Pinky the Piglet - Flexi-Cover Book

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The Pinky the Piglet book has 34 pages packed with beautiful photographs and illustrations.

The dimensions are: 16 x 19 cm (6 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches).

Here are some random sample pages for you to enjoy:

All the piglets squeal hungrily scrambling and jostling for a drink.

Pinky snuggles up to her warm wool coat.

Suddenly Pinky has an idea, "Let's go for a run!".

His brother squeals happily as he overtakes Pinky and races on taking the lead.

Pinky sniffs the air to see if they can smell which way to go back to the farmyard.

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