New Beginnings!

Zeebaa and daffodils

This is one of my favourite times of year!  I feel excited!  A time of New Beginnings. The daffodils give us a bright splash of colour and I can hear the newborn lambs bleating …  the mornings and evenings are drawing out and I just want to be out with my camera!  This is Zeeba who stars in my little book called Shaggy Sheep!

Colorado and another idea!



On my return from New Zealand I dropped in on my friends Susie and Dan Rieple in Colorado, where I had fun compiling another idea for a children’s book!

Dan's Jeep

Above: Dan and Cocoa going for a ride in the jeep. Below Susie introducing Cocoa to Smoky, my horse which  I rode with from Mexico to Canada.

DSC_2518 small


Sunshine to snow!

O'ahu beach

It’s always fun to have ideas for the next adventure and book, and often they go together!I I caught this little chap looking out to a rather beautiful sea on the coast of O’ahu on my long way from New Zealand … to Dartmoor where  there was a smattering of snow yesterday morning!

Callum HoneybagslMy ponies above ‘Callum of Gargunnoch, (his registered name!) who I rode from the top coast of Scotland to Land’s End and around Southern Ireland. Below Thunder Bay who is one of the stars in my  latest children’s book set. He galloped around and around me showing off how fast he could go!

Thunder Bay gallop

May I share your umbrella?

Umbrella pony 2

Can I share your umbrella ?

Claire McCormick and Shilstone Rocks Mountain Man, who originally came from snowy Dartmoor in January 2013 to a Hawkes Bay, (NZ) drought in his mother’s womb in 2013!

Umbrella pony

Of course you can …, but I don’t think it looks like rain!”

Mate !

Mate Arborfield Hello this is Mate!

 At Arborfield Santuary Charitable Trust near Wellsford, Northland, NZ where animals and birds alike  have a wonderful life.  I took many happy photos of contented animals here last week. Every animals and bird had a name, … but I can’t remember them all!

pig breakfastGrapefruit for breakfast!

DSC_9275AlpacasAlpaca Curiosity!

2017 Calendar

October Sheepstor

We have had some issues with a batch of 2017 Dartmoor calendars printed by a local printer. If you have any disappointments with the quality of your calendar please get in touch and let us know where you purchased it. Thank you.

South West Equine Fair

I will be at the South West Equine Fair this weekend Saturday and Sunday 3rd – 4th December signing my new Rainbow children’s books   I will also have my popular Dartmoor calendar and pony Christmas cards and other nice gifts for pony and horse lovers!! Come along and meet me at stand 77ATracey & Lad AT the DNP Fair

Above Lad and I promoting “Lad the Dog” book at the Dartmoor National Park Christmas Fair last weekend!

The Little Book of New Zealand Sheep off to press!

Layout 1
Page sample above.
The Little book of New Zealand Sheep Chinese cover

This morning my new book “The Little book of New Zealand Sheep” went to press ! I also have it translated into Chinese for the visitors to N.Z. Years ago when I was at Bible college in Colorado I met and made friends with a Swiss lady, who later worked in Tibet. Her Swiss and German bosses asked her to recommend a photographer! So I had a great expedition in Tibet taking photos for calendars. Loved it! I became good friends with her German boss and his New Zealand wife who are based in Auckland N.Z and they had a Chinese friend in their prayer group who kindly did the translation of the NZ sheep book into Chinese! Yet another God connection! I will be launching both the English and Chinese editions early next year in New Zealand.

Tracey with her Rainbow book stars!

Tracey and Lightning

These photographs are taken by my good friend and much appreciated editor Jonathan Constant. Above is me with Shilstone Rocks Lighning, who is full brother to Shilstone Rocks Thunder Bay, who is the star one of my new Rainbow books, called “Thunder the Foal”. Below I am holding Lad my Cairn terrier who has his own book “Lad the Dog”!

Tracey with Lad

A room with a view !

Yoanna and RainbowA room/field with a view! Here on Dartmoor is Yoanna, who I traveled from Greece to north west Spain several years ago and features in my Across Europe book. Beside her is my Dartmoor pony Shilstone Rocks Rainbow, who is another of my published stars in my new book set “Rainbow and her Farmyard Friends.

Reserve Champion at Widecombe Fair!

Widecombe-fair-cupsAt a very rainy Widecombe Fair on Tuesday where we had thunder and lightning! Shilstone Rocks Thunder Bay won first prize in his class, Reserve Champion Dartmoor and 2 big cups, which he is very proud of!  He is also a star in ‘Thunder the Foal’, one of my 7 Rainbow books series. Both the individual books and box set of 7 proved to be popular on the day. You can visit the Rainbow page at…/…/rainbow-childrens-books/

Widecombe Fair – come and meet the stars!

Pinky the Piglet

Pinky the Piglet

Come and meet some of the stars of Tracey’s new book set ‘Rainbow and her Farmyard Friends’ some you can meet on the Widecombe Fair field on this Tuesday 13th September. If you can’t make it to the fair these books will also be available in outlets in and around Dartmoor or at…/rainbow-childrens-books/


Gerty and Ruby the hen

Gerty and Ruby the red hen

Thunder the foal yawning

Thunder the Foal

Dex the calf

Dex the Calf

Lad the dog

Lad the Dog

Haute Savoie, France

Teh adventure is inside us

Oh so good to go on a little adventure again! .. Riding/walking up ski fields over mountains. Exploring the Haute Savoie. When I saw Mont Blanc, it reminded me of several years ago, when I approached the same mountain called Monte Bianco on the Italian side (traveling with two ponies from Greece to North West Spain) and I was reminded of these words of Italian climber Walter Bonatti; L’avventura e dentro di noi” = “The adventure is inside us!”

Lake Geneva & SwitzerlandWith Lake Geneva and Switzerland as the back drop, we climbed, leading our horses up a red ski run. It was definitely worth it for the amazing views of snow capped mountains! Tracey on Junior , FranceAbove me riding Junior, Ali’s lovely horse she saved. I first met Ali when I was 19 years old when we were both teaching horse riding (English style) in Michigan, America. Through our faith in God, adventure and horses we have been great friends ever since!



Rainbow and Her Farmyard Friends are on their way home!

66. A Dartmoor Morning

May I introduce you to all these real life characters in my new book set of children’s early learning picture books, which will arrive on my doorstep on Dartmoor in late August!  Both adults reading to children and children learning to read will love these delightful stories of real animals, which live on Dartmoor. Each book cover is a different colour of the rainbow and each book  has 34 pages of packed with beautiful photographs and illustrations.

Rainbow the Pony
Dex the Calf
Pinky the Piglet
Lad the Dog
Ruby the Red Hen
Blue the Sheep

Thunder the Foal

The dimensions of each book is 16x19cm (6 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches)

Off to Church in Widecombe -in-the-Moor!

This year I took Callum, my Highland I rode from the top of Scotland to Land's End and around Southern Ireland, and Thunder Bay (Shilstone Rocks) to the Animal Service at Widecombe Church. Thunder Bay had been last year as a foal he still did a huge leap over 3 steps into church and wanted to be involved in the singing, trying to eat the song book, while Callum fell asleep! To see more of Callum's 'riding around Southern Ireland" or Thunder the Foal's' stories please visit www.TraceyElliotReep.comz

This year I took Callum, (Callum of Gargunnock) my Highland I rode from the top of Scotland to Land’s End and around Southern Ireland, and Thunder Bay (Shilstone Rocks) to the Animal Service at Widecombe Church. Thunder Bay had been last year as a foal he still did a huge leap over 3 steps into church. He grabbed the vicar’s robe when he got blessed and wanted to be involved in the singing, trying to eat the song book, while Callum fell asleep! To see more of Callum’s ‘riding around Southern Ireland” or Thunder the Foal’s’ stories please visit

Song book!

Leaving church with the vicar

Leaving church!


A new addition to the family!

Rainstorm & new foal

Shilstone Rocks Rainstorm has a new colt foal, who looks very similar to his full brother Thunder Bay! They will make a great pair Thunder and perhaps his name will be “Lightning”!? Thunder and Lightning?!

Rainstorm & new colt foal

Royal Cornwall show winner !

Shilstone Rocks Thunder Bay First rosette DSC_1481 Layout 1

Shilstone Rocks Thunder Bay, one of the real life characters in my latest box set of 7 books to be launched at Widecombe Fair on 13th September called “Rainbow and Her Farmyard Friends” Was indeed a star at the Royal Cornwal Show, as he won his yearling class!

Atmospheric clouds over Dartmoor

Great Mist Tor

Beautiful atmospheric clouds over Dartmoor a few days ago. I love how the shadows race across the rugged landscape and the colours change every few moments making the scene look so different. Great Mis Tor


Snowing on Dartmoor!

Early March on Dartmoor –  Winter has arrived along with the snow! I went for an early morning walk with my camera and dog and suddenly several snow clouds opened up over Dartmoor, us and the ponies.

Shilstone Rocks Mountain Song copy

This is Shilstone Rocks Mountain Bay, dam of Mountain Bay who flew to New Zealand a few years ago. I think she wish she could have gone too!

Shilstone Rocks Dartmoor in snow

Snow and snowmen on Dartmoor!

Lad near South Hessary Tor

The snow quickly came and went on most of Dartmoor on Friday, but looking west it still looked white on the high moor, so that’s where I headed! In the past in my old red landrover, I didn’t mind bouncing off the granite stone walls in the ice and snow, but now I have a newer model (only 10 years old without dents), I am more careful and parked in Princetown and walked and ran several miles through the snow with Lad my dog to catch the last of the sunlight on Nun’s Cross. The following morning after another long walk with camera and Lad, I returned to Princetown and to crowds of people and snowmen!

Snowmen near Princetown

Dartmoor Pony Wall hanging for Christmas

Kirsty's wall hanging.jpg

This beautiful Dartmoor pony wall hanging was made by Kirsty Peake, using my photos. It is unique as my name photograph by is reversed. Get in touch if you are interested in buying it for a special Christmas gift.

Autumn Colours on Dartmoor

Widecombe Autumn colours

Autumn is always a colourful season on Dartmoor. I took this picture as the sun was low and back-lighting the trees making their leaves glow and stand out from the shadowed backdrop.

A Dartmoor Lane

Galloways on Dartmoor Lane

I was out looking for pictures, admiring the autumn leaves hanging over the lane here in the picture above, when this herd of Galloway cows came round the corner!  I quickly backed back up the road, squeezing my landrover into a gateway, and jumped out to take some photos. As I followed them up the lane I learned they had spent the summer grazing on the moor near Throwleigh and were moving back to their winter quarters. A lovely Dartmoor scene indeed!

Galloways on Dartmoor lane.

Heading Home

Highlands in Challacombe Valley

I have been enjoying being out about photographing on Dartmoor recently. I came across this pair heading slowly down Challacombe Valley. In the low winter light you can see the ancient field systems clearly on the right side of the valley and the medieval fields straight ahead.

Widecombe Fair

Rainstorm and Thunder Bay

Fabulous Day at Widecombe Fair! After a misty start it cleared into a beautiful sunny day. Early on Cath and I showed Shilstone Rocks Rainstorm and Thunder Bay and they both won a rosette! This is ALL part of their story in one of the seven “Rainbow and her farmyard friends” collection of early learning books.  Keep a look out for their launch date.
The ponies were as, as social as I, meeting people from all over the world and receiving many strokes and pats beside my stall of Photographic books, cards and postcards. MANY THANKS to Cherry, Annie, Cath and Chris for all their help.

Tracey's stall

Dublin Horse Show

Jo Penfold at Dublin Horse show

Dublin Horse Show was a great experience. I went to cheer on my sister Joannna who had qualified for the show jumping. Here she is on her grey horse Cruisie, with whom she has done so well in Ireland.  Two of her children, Oliver and Harriet also qualified for the children’s working hunter. It was a fun time. I especially like the photo below of Zoe, my youngest niece in the stable with her mum’s horse Cruisie.Zoe Penfold with Cruisie


Shilstone Rocks Open Day

Stallion Parade and Widecombe


Last week was the Dartmoor Pony International Convention with delegates visiting from all over the world, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Australia.  Here they are at the Shilstone Rocks open day last Saturday where we were having a shilstone Rocks stallion parade.



Shilstone Rocks Open Day

The crowds walked around the fields among the Shilstone Rocks ponies, with the foals coming up to say hello!

Shilstone Rocks Open Day

Shilstone Rocks Open Day

At the end of the day!  A beautiful day on Dartmoor, in which people from all over the world enjoyed beautiful and friendly Dartmoor ponies.


Ponies go to Church!



Ponies in church
Leaving church

On Sunday we took all my ponies residing in Widecombe to church! Including my three Dartmoor ponies and Yoanna, which I had travelled with from Athens in Greece to north-west Spain a few years ago. She was the one to lead the way down the steps into the church and the others followed. They stood quietly throughout the service and each were blessed by Geoffrey the vicar. They left a large bucketful of manure as their offering! Everyone enjoyed taking their pets to church and God was certainly smiling down on his creation!


Pet Service

Congregation village square

Thunder Bay!

Thunder Bay

This is Thunder Bay (one day he will be a big beautiful stallion) having some leading lessons, with Rainstorm his mother looking on. Well, okay maybe he will not be that “big”! As the maximum size for Dartmoor ponies is 12.2 hands high!)

Photographs thanks to Jonathan Constant my good friend and editor.

Thunder Bay

Canada – Ontario

Europe Front CoverTracey will be sharing her Worldwide travel adventures at the Flagship Gallery, Hamelton, Ontario, Canada  on Sunday at 2pm and Wednesday at 7pm – if you happen to reside in the area!

Smokey and Pistol come to chapel!

Springs Valley horses Springs Valley

Smokey and Pistol came to Springs Valley Chapel on Sunday to hear their story of their journey from Mexico to Canada! Here they are with Tracey.  Photos thanks to Terry Theken.

Airforce Academy Presentation

Sand dunes

Tracey is giving a few presentations on Saturday morning of the 4th April from 10-12 noon at the Airforce Academy, Colorado Springs. To register to get in the airforce gate please contact