Rainbow Children’s Books

Rainbow Book Collection

Tracey’s NEW collection of Children’s books are AVAILABLE NOW!

Both children learning to read and adults reading to children will love these delightful stories based on real animal characters that live on Dartmoor.

Hello dear Tracey. Just ordered 3 sets for Christmas presents!!! Your wonderful books arrived today and what a joy they are!! Mum and I have read them all and loved all the beautiful photos…..they can be enjoyed equally by children and “large children”!!Lynda Calcutt
Hi Tracey,

Thank you so much – received the calendars and books this morning  –  the calendars are so nice, they have become a ‘must have’ for rellies around the world and the Rainbow books are beautiful, thank you for signing them for my grand-daughter –  I know she will love them and I’m sure she’ll treasure them. I had a delve into your Rainbow books last night and enjoyed them so much,  lovely stories, not too long for tinies, beautiful photos Viv P, Devon

Jack – I really enjoyed reading the books – the stories were fun and I loved the pictures. I went on holiday to Devon with Mummy & Grandad and we saw a lot of the animals there that are in the stories.

Mummy – The books are fabulous for children. They are very easy for children to read and the pictures keep them interested in the story. They remind me of story books that I used to read as a child, in that there are real photos of the animals and people and the font is a perfect size for young children. I loved reading the books with Jack.

Grandad – The reader is carried along with the adventure!Jack, Mummy & Grandad – Dorset

Each book cover is a different colour of the rainbow and each book has 34 pages packed with beautiful photographs and illustrations.

The dimensions of each book are: 16 x 19 cm (6 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches)

Price per book £4.99

Special Price – Set of 7 beautiful Rainbow books in a beautiful box set only £20.00 (save £15)Add to Basket

Special Price – Set of 7 beautiful Rainbow books in a beautiful box set only £20.00 (save £15)Add to Basket

Rainbow Book Collection

Here are some random sample pages for each book:

Rainbow the Pony
Rainbow page 4
Rainbow page 13
Rainbow page 23
Rainbow page 34
Dex the Calf
Dex page 1
Dex page
Dex page 11
Dex page 14
Dex page 17
Pinky the Piglet
Pinky page 5
Pinky page 11
PInky 14
PInky 15
Pinky 17
Pinky 18
PInky 19
PInky 22
Lad the Dog
Lad page 4
Lad page 8
Lad page 15
Lad page 17
Lad page 18
Lad page 27
Lad page 31
Ruby the Red Hen
Ruby page 4
Ruby page 8
Ruby page 10
Ruby page 13
Ruby page 18
Ruby page 19
Ruby page 20
Ruby page 29
Blue the Sheep
Blue page 1
Blue page 10
Blue page 18
Blue page 25
Blue page 28
Blue page 30
Blue page 32
Thunder the Foal
Thunder page 5
Thunder page 6
Thunder page 10
Thunder page 15
Thunder page 19
Thunder page 26
Thunder page 28
Thunder page 32
My daughter Marianna has spent every day since the books’ arrival reading and re-reading about Dex, Rainbow, Thunder, Ruby, Blue, and most especially Lad.  As Marianna, now 5, is homeschooled and just learning to read, your books have also proven a really wonderful resource because she is able to recognise some of the words she is learning or sound other ones out.  Plus, you have made her bedtime stories extra exciting and special, so the only problem is when she throws a fit because she doesn’t want to stop reading!  Your books make her smile, laugh, and compassionate with all the animals go through. (She almost finds the story of Dex being lost too sad!)

Thank you so much,

Erin Brierley, USA