Shaggy Sheep

Shaggy Sheep - MJ

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An anthology of sheep in photography and art. A humorous and factual, must-read for anyone with an interest these wonderful animals.

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Shaggy Sheep back cover
Jacob cross lamb

Tracey Elliot-Reep has always had a passion for sheep and for decades she has been collecting them… photographically at least! Tracey has travelled the world, from Tibet to New Zealand, and wherever she goes, she has found sheep to photograph – including her own home on Dartmoor, Devon. 

Cam the Ram, Colorado
The Himalayas
Devon and Cornwall Longwool
Dyeing wool

This delightful little gift book is packed with many of these beautiful photos, along with Tracey’s sketches, facts and humour – including her own amusing accounts of life shepherding her small flock.Her affection for these woolly creatures  is plain to see in this entertaining book, which is sure to expand your appreciation and knowledge. It’s perfect for anyone who loves sheep or just enjoys the tranquil sight of them grazing the open countryside.

Flock on Dartmoor
Zeeba, Blue and Adam
Shearing in NZ
Jacob Girl
Manx Loaghtan
Dorset Down


It’s a lovely book, so completely user friendly. It invites you to hold it, with it’s soft cover. It’s the right size for child’s hands and adult’s hands. It’s exquisite – I absolutely love it! Annie
I’m going to carry some copies of Tracey’s new ‘Shaggy Sheep’ to the Siberian Arctic Tundra this winter, to a reindeer herders gathering. We took sheepskins last time and they will love to see this photographic record of traditional sheep, which they are so interested in. That’s why I am so excited – having wonderful photos they will appreciate so much! Caroline Shaw
I was absolutely delighted with the superb photography, the humour and beautiful sketches. It was very interesting to hear about sheep from all over the world and to see all the marvellous things that can be done with wool. Anyone who loves sheep will love this book and it is an ideal size for a Christmas or birthday present. Shan Palmes (spinner, weaver, knitter, shepherdess and lover of sheep!)