Dartmoor Pony Book

The Dartmoor Pony

Tracey’s NEW BOOK – THE DARTMOOR PONY – is available NOW.  A beautiful collection of her favourite photographs she has taken over the past two decades through all the seasons, complete with their history and present day life.

72 pages of beautiful photographs with sketches and informative text.

230 x 250 mm landscape (9 x 10 inches).

Flexi-cover with reinforced fold over flaps.

Price £10.00 with two free pony bookmarks. Add to Basket

I   love   it   !!   Brilliant. Lizzie

Comments about the previous book are below. The NEW EDITION is more stunning with new photographs and text, comes in larger format and has a flexi-cover with reinforcing flaps.

It is quite simply the best and loveliest collection of photographs I have ever seen. I shall enjoy it several times before giving it away, as intended.

One of the most enduring emblems of Dartmoor is the Dartmoor pony. As this delightful book explains, ponies have roamed the Moor for thousands of years. Their ruggedness, reliability, good nature and freedom are captured in these photographs and embody for many much of what is so special about their history and their habitat. Tracey Elliot-Reep records how man has worked with Dartmoor ponies over centuries to meet the needs of the day whether as a beast of burden or, as more often the case today, simply for pleasure and enjoyment and maintaining the environment.

The Duchy of Cornwall is proud to be part of the Dartmoor pony Moorland Scheme and I am delighted that these, and other initiatives, are working to safeguard the future of this most important asset of Dartmoor life and helping to ensure that a healthy herd of Dartmoor ponies will continue to play a part in maintaining the essence of Dartmoor’s landscape.

This book ‘A Celebration of the Dartmoor Pony’ plays a special part in reminding us why the management and preservation of the stock is so important.

Bertie Ross, Secretary and Keeper of the Records, Duchy of Cornwall


Stallions Playing in Snow
Stallion with his Mares on Dartmoor

Dartmoor pony stallions playing.                                              Stallions with mares.

All the ponies seen roaming freely on the Dartmoor commons belong to farmers who can identify their animal by ear tags, coat branding and other marks.

Dartmoor Pony rolling
Ponies at Postbridge

In medieval times the most common method of transporting goods across Dartmoor was the packhorse which used to cross the many rivers on the moor via the clapper bridge similar to this one at Postbridge.


Pony Drift
Sketch Rainbow trotting

After drifting the ponies the farmers decide which ones to sell, and return to the moor.

Prize-Winning Stallion!
Saying Hello in the Snow!

Prize winning stallions Shilstone Rocks War Lord!                  Saying hello!

Dartmoor ponies are uniquely suited to life on the moor.

Carriage Driving a Pair of Dartmoor Ponies

Carriage driving a pair of Dartmoor Ponies.