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Prophetic Word: Time to Recover it All! Doug Addison November 2014 November is a time when God is building your faith and repairing the walls of doubt from past failures. A new plan from Heaven is being released over you but you will need to battle and be assertive to get it. God is continuing to reveal and restore lost prophetic promises and inheritances. Repayment for losses over the past seven years is here NOW and will continue over the next few months. Expect some extreme signs from God to know you are on the right track. Love and new freedom are coming to you. I have released several prophetic words recently about generational inheritances and repayment being restored to you. It is starting now! Eleventh month November is the eleventh month of the calendar and the eleventh book of the Bible is 1 Kings that begins with a transition and generational battle. King David was dying and there was a battle for his position. God divinely caused a supernatural generational inheritance to shift to his young son, Solomon, who had wisdom. Watch for changes in leadership and a greater level of Heavenly wisdom to be released. Reconcile 2008 On Sunday, October 19, I awoke at 5:20 a.m. with an angel in our house. God spoke to me that He is currently reconciling the books in Heaven, so to speak, from 2008. Not just in 2008, but God is reconciling the past seven years as well. There are adjustments and repayments due to people because the enemy overplayed his hand. God is a just God and He has not forgotten you. To respond, I spent several hours going through every entry in my journal from 2008, making a list of things that never took place, were stolen or delayed. I was quite surprised at how many things I found and had to do it several times. It pays to journal regularly. Declare your repayment After 2008, our ministry went into over $40,000 in debt, which lasted until 2013. We lost a lot during that time, paying interest and having to work really hard to compensate for the losses! Even though we paid the debt off, I asked God just two weeks ago to supernaturally repay us $40,000. Within one week, we got a strategy to offer one thousand new people our Internet training and we made over $40,000 in four days!! We had run specials in the past but have never had this level of response. This was an anointed breakthrough! What do you need repayment for? Press in and take action. Family inheritance dream I had a dream in October that many people and I were at an amusement park standing in a beautiful, crystal clear river like a wading pool of flowing water. Many people were unaware that they were dropping jewelry and clothing into the pool. A machine would come through and rake up all the lost items. The items were waiting to be reclaimed. I went to the lost and found to help get back what had been lost. The dream shows that there are lost spiritual inheritances, callings, and prophetic promises that God is storing up, waiting for you to reclaim them. This is a season to recover it all! Ebola is a terrorist attack I have had so many prophetic dreams and words over the past month revealing some of the covert attacks of the enemy. Ebola is just another one of many attacks of the enemy trying to get you off balance with fear. The demonic realms want to remove your peace. It is time to fly above it!! I was at the Cleveland, Ohio airport on October 13, the same exact time Amber Vinson, the nurse from Dallas infected with Ebola, boarded and flew to Dallas/Fort Worth. My flight from Cleveland to Dallas was at the same exact time but on a different airline. I had a dream on August 26 about Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and Ohio. In the dream things were delayed but everything was working out fine. Everything is going to work out fine. We must let go of fear!!! This dream and being at the airport at the same time were prophetic signs that God is way bigger than these types of attacks and knows your needs. Strongman dream I had a dream in October in which God revealed a major plan of the enemy against leaders. I was watching a boxing match. In the ring were two large men. One was a leader that I recognized but did not know his name. Although he was big, he was out of shape. He was once a great fighter but had not been in the ring for years. His opponent was a very large, physically fit, dark-figured strongman. I knew he was evil. While the leader was not paying attention, the strongman opened a case and pulled out a special “boxing glove of death,” putting it on his right hand. I knew that with one blow of this death glove, the other boxer would be taken out. I began screaming to the leader to watch out. But the leader was a bit arrogant and overly confident. The evil man took a hard swing, just missing the leader by a fraction. The second punch missed the leader too, but I knew that things were not going to turn out well and we had to stop it. So I sounded the alarm. This is another attack of the enemy right now to take out people who are not expecting it and unaware of what is coming against them. I am sounding the alarm to pray for leaders, asking God to step in and have mercy. Promotions and major shifting This time of year, God brings a large number of spiritual promotions. Last year at Yom Kippur, God spoke to me that more people were promoted in the spirit than ever before in history. This year there were many promotions but some people have also lost their positions for not using their gifts and showing love. I had several prophetic dreams and spiritual experiences where I was shown that October was a time of reconciling in Heaven. Many people are not using their greater gifts and callings so their assignments are being removed and given to others. I realize Romans 11:29 says the gifts are irrevocable, but the anointing and assignments can be shifted to others. King Saul and David is one of many examples of this shift. I awoke at 3:04 a.m. and wept for nearly an hour. We do not want to rejoice when others lose out. When one member of the Body of Christ suffers, we all suffer. I asked for mercy instead. As a result of this shift in Heaven, there will be a large number of people and leaders shifting positions and changing jobs. Like the parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1-13), God is promoting those with oil in their lamps who are ready for this next movement of God. Land and business battles This may not be for everyone, so pray through this: if you are holding onto or battling over property or businesses, make a decision to step up or step out. The battle over property and houses is weighing many people down. If you know it is God speaking to you about this, ask for a confirmation to step up and stay in the battle. But many may want to consider stepping out, because in doing so there will be a new breath of fresh air and God will repay your losses. Don’t use logic here, you must hear God’s voice if you plan to stay in the battle. I keep hearing the words: Fire sale!! In some cases, people need to get out of connections to the past! Take-away I saw the word “Reconfigure.” It is time to reconfigure things but many people do not know where to start. As I was reading the word “reconfigure,” it turned into the phrase “I can figure.” God has given you everything you need to get through this time in your life. This is a major transitional time but be confident that you will not only make it through, you will also come out the other side in better shape. The season has shifted over us all! Do not expect things to go the way they used to. But when you do get attacked, have faith to expect and ask for the opposite in any bad situation. Ask for extreme repayment! Blessings,

To watch Tracey’s film about Dartmoor ponies and her vision, click below:

I grew up with Dartmoor ponies, running wild in the lanes and on the open moor. My lifelong love of these ponies was inspired by my mother’s own passion for breeding them at Shilstone Rocks – our home on Dartmoor. I can’t even remember when I started to ride! I had learning difficulties and continually struggled at school, but my happiest childhood memories always involve these ponies. Please click on the pictures to view them larger.

Little Goose
My sisters and I at a young age
Tracey & Shilstone Rocks Windswept
On our one and only family holiday, we camped in the horsebox above Sennen Cove in Cornwall, and rode bareback, sliding down the sand dunes and racing across the beach. On my seventh birthday, my father led a bay Dartmoor pony into the kitchen, wrapped in brown paper! His name was Little Goose, and he had black points and a big star on his forehead. But my father left us, so as I faced difficulties both at school and at home, my equine friends offered me stability (even though I was constantly falling off!). I remember walking back from my primary school, in the village of Widecombe, and taking a bridle to the field to catch Little Goose for myself, and another pony for a friend. We didn’t bother about saddles – we just jumped on bareback and raced our ponies around the lanes and over the moor, playing cowboys and indians – on one day I’d have a bow and arrow, and on the next I’d have my toy gun. I always dreamt of being a cowboy, a dream that was to become a reality decades later when I rode Quarter horses from Mexico to Canada.
Snow Jumping!
Pony sledging
Snowfall & Alona
The Vision: Having experienced learning difficulties and separated parents, I understand some of the challenges that children might face. I plan to help them through my passion for Dartmoor ponies, which are ideally suited to young riders, while at the same time, saving this increasingly rare breed. With God’s help, these ranches will bring healing (spiritually, emotionally and physically) to both people and horses.  These ranches will be initially in New Zealand and Colorado. In January 2013, I exported two Shilstone Rocks Dartmoor in-foal mares to New Zealand. Their names are Shilstone Rocks Mountain Bay and Shilstone Rocks Sugar Snap.
Ponies in the snow before they left the UK
Shilstone Rocks North Countryman
 I was so determined to photograph the Dartmoor ponies in the falling show, that I attempted Chittleford hill out of Widecombe valley, which I should never had done in those conditions. I resolutely pushed the Landrover gear stick into overdrive and put my foot down, but on the steepest part of the three in one hill, on the corner the wheels started spinning – then the heavy vehicle started sliding backwards – the impact with the granite wall sounded worst than it actually was, but it was jammed across the road. As time was of the essence, I abandoned the landrover and proceeded on foot climbing the steep hill to catch the mares and the stallion Shilstone Rocks North Countryman in these falling snow scenes , a few weeks before they departed on their journey to New Zealand.

 Clown outfit!

“So you think I look like a clown huh!”

The week before the mares left mid winter on Dartmoor for quarantine and fly into the New Zealand summertime we clipped them out and dressed them up in layers of rugs to keep them warm.

Dartmoor Ponies arriving in New Zealand

April 2013 – Mountain Bay and Sugar Snap being led by Bridget MCCormick, Hawkes Bay. We are excitedly expecting as they will be foaling in October, which is spring in New Zealand! September: I am currently editing a short film I have been shooting throughout the year, about the Dartmoor Ponies on the moor combined with the story of Shilstone Rocks Sugar Snap and Shilstone Rocks Mountain Bay emigrating to New Zealand! October 3013: We have a new baby boy and a girl! Shilstone Rocks Mountains Bay had a strong bay colt on the 10th October, while Shilstone Rocks Sugar Snap had a pretty filly on the 23rd October! Both foal have a strong resemblance to their sire Shilstone Rocks North Countryman.

Shilstone Rocks Mountian Bay and her first born colt
Shilstone Rocks Sugar Snap & filly foal

I’m so thrilled and thank God that we now have two beautiful, healthy Dartmoor foals, born on the far side of the world from where they were conceived – in New Zealand!

My mother kindly gave two young mares to me and my sister claire MCCormick (who lives in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand), a legacy of her life spent breeding Dartmoor ponies.

People ask me how much it cost to export them to the far side of the globe. “A whole lot!” I reply.

 It wasn’t just the cost of the flight that made it so difficult, but also the struggle to understand the required vet’s checks and lab tests. It made things even more complicated that we’d decided to transport two mares in foal, so we were basically flying four ponies out, not just two!

I did ask to travel out with them, but despite working with ponies all my life, and having looked after race horses on a flight from Auckland, I was told I wasn’t qualified!

 I recently came across the expression ‘visions aren’t for the faint of heart’ and it’s one that I absolutely agree with! Dreams and visions are going to cost you, and you have to work hard to make your dreams a reality. However, hearing that we have two healthy foals has made all the effort and expense worthwhile.

 “Build a dream and the dream will build you.” Robert H Schuller

Dartmoor Ponies in NZ
Bridget leading the ponies down the farm
Jordan and ponies

JANUARY 2014 – What a view of central Hawkes Bay from part way up Waitomo farm!
Claire, Bridget and Ashleigh McCormick and myself have been handling the foals and are starting to break the mares in under saddle (train them to be ridden).
The Native Pony Magazine have recently written an article about The Shilstone Rocks Dartmoor Ponies travelling to New Zealand. To read this article please click on the PDF below:
Native Pony Magazine Cover
December 2014 Two New fillies arrived in New Zealand! shilstone Rocks Sugar Snap had a black filly and Shilstone Rocks Mountain Bay had a brown filly both by Dingmac Eagle Rock, who was kindly lent to us by Holly Norman.
Shilstone Rocks Sugar Snaps' 2nd filly
Shilstone Rocks Mountin Bay's 2nd foal
The Western Morning News ran an article about Tracey’s vision for the Dartmoor ponies.
Western Morning News Article
Dartmoor Ponies in Hawkes Bay
Our herd in New Zealand is expanding! Now we have another two super fillies, which we are calling shilstone Rocks snap Dragon who is out of shilstone Rocks Sugar Snap and Shilstone Rocks Mountain Bird out of Shilstone Rocks Mountain Bay. Both fillies are by the lovely stallioon Dingmac Eagle Rock kindly lent to us by Holly Norman.
Shilstone Rocks line up at the North Island All Breeds show at Taupo
Photo thanks to Rosemary Bremner
The line up at the North Island All Breeds show at Taupo, New Zealand has it’s moments! 
On January the 6th 2017 we took a truck load of Dartmoor ponies to the Taupo show. the ponies slept in the stables while we all slept in the truck!
Yes a truck load which included one mare and foal, three fillies and a three year old stallion, shilstone Rocks Mountain Man who I exported in 2013 in his mother’s Mountain Bay’s womb!
so from those two mares I flew to New Zealand in early 2013 we now have ten Dartmoor s in NZ!
Here they are:
Mountain Bay
Shilstone Rocks Mountain Bay who flew here as a three year old in 2013 wth Mountain Man in her womb. (Below)
Mountain Man
Mountain Man /obr_2col]
Claire showing Shilstone Rocks Mountain Man at the All Breeds show at Taupo, NZ
 Mountain Man
Shilstone Rocks Mountain Man 3 years old at the North Island All Breeds Show
Mountain Flame
Shilstone Rocks Mountain Flame – 1 year old  out of Mountain Bay by Dingmac Archie
Mountain Bird
Shilstone Rocks Mountain Bird (2 years old) out of Mountain Bay by Dingmac Rocky
Sweet S D_
Shilstone Rocks Sweet S.D. (2years old) out of Sweet Pea by Dingmac Rocky
Bright Star
Shilstone Rocks Bright Star